Nursery Pick Up & Shipping

Customers wishing to pick up seedlings at the nursery are welcome to do so. Once you place an order, it can take us some time to fill. The time is required because we will select and grade each seedling to be placed into the trays. Once you have determined the species and numbers of the plants you would like, give us a call or email us with that information. Based on the numbers, personal schedule, and your seedling criteria we can set up a firm time for pick up. Seedlings for pick up are provided at our front gate and payment is required at that time.
Customers are also welcome to have their seedlings shipped. For smaller orders, we use either UPS or USPS. Smaller orders (generally less than 51 seedlings) will be removed from the tray and bagged so that they can be shipped in a compact form. Larger orders can be delivered by our vehicles, UPS, or a trucking company. We look to provide the lowest cost shipping for each individual order. Larger orders can be shipped “bagged”, which generally reduces shipping charges, or “in the tray”, which provides for more holding time after the seedlings arrive. Payment for the order and shipping costs is required prior to shipment.



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