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Urban Forestry Services was founded in 1984 by Mike Campbell with the goal of providing knowledgeable advice to urban and rural land owners with tree and forest management concerns. Mike was joined in 1987 by Sandy Campbell whose focus was on expanding the nursery operations of the business. Mike and Sandy remain as the two principals in the business.

Mike has received a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Forest Management with specialization in Silviculture from the University of Florida. This scholastic work has provided a strong background in the pathology, entomology, and culture of trees. Mike’s employment has included the US Forest Service, Rayonier Corporation, the Public Works Department of the City of Clearwater, Alachua County Environmental Protection Department, and F&W Forestry Services, Incorporated.

Sandy keeps the nursery on track and works to ensure that customers receive plants of the quality they are looking for with the service they expect. Nothing leaves the nursery without Sandy handling it, inspecting it, and shipping it.


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  • forester says:

    Tracey – just found this buried in the website. The site can be flaky and sometimes, but not always, doesn’t forward messages. Four months is not our usual response time if you use urbanforestry@att.net! If you had lunch with those two birds you probably got stuck with the tab! -Mike

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